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Name: Jenny
Occupation: Journalist /Wheels Training Programme: NCVA Level 1
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Country: Irish

Jenny (21) is a journalist and a daily user of Assistive Technology (AT). She says that with the use of AT she has found employment, accessed education and gained self confidence and comfort. Jenny attended specialist schooling and specialist disability services since she was 12 years old. Jenny has written an autobiography on the PC using switch access. She now works part time in an Irish newspaper, where she has been gaining experience in journalism. She is also interested in exploring the world of theatre.

Before she began using AT, Jenny found it difficult to use a computer. She did so, rarely, only with the help of family and friends.She previously accessed a PC and a light talker using a switch. She can now access both, using her right index finger. She uses an integrated trackball in place of a standard mouse for PC access. Jenny uses a power wheelchair which she drives using an adapted joystick. In education, Jenny would use a scribe and a computer, with extra time in exams.

Jenny is mostly self-taught in the use of all her AT. She receives information and advice on AT from Enable Ireland. Although she had access to introductory training on her AT, she expresses the view that this should have been more extensive, and should have been available over a longer timespan. She would like introductory and continuing training, preferably in a group situation. She believes that personal assistants and family would also benefit from AT Training.

Jenny notes that a lift would enable her to access more of the building where she works, and goes on to.state that she is very enthusiastic about all technology and that she is always keen to hear of new developments which might be of use to her. She is hoping to explore additional employment options, and with the support of her Lightwriter, she feels that she will be well positioned to overcome any barriers which may present themselves to her.

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