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Braille Embossers

A Braille embosser is a printer connected to a computer, that changes text into Braille. Some machines require Braille translation software in order to translate computer text and graphics to Braille.

Braille embossers offer the option of embossing in 8-dot in addition to 6-dot Braille; some products can emboss graphics as well. Many machines have the ability to vary page size and line length. Most embossers use continuous fan-fold paper but a few allow the use of single sheet paper, thin card and plastic sheet. Paper densities vary and the option of adjusting the printer pressure is a useful feature as are the ability to Braille on both sides of the page or sideways on a page.

Blind and partially sighted users are guided by speech conformation of the keys pressed, together with the ink and Braille labels on the keypad which is located on the front panel. The speech feedback feature is available in a number of languages.

Braille Embosser