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Windows XP Display Options

If you are visually impaired and have difficulty seeing things on screen, you can easily set vision related options using the Accessibility Wizard. Options include scrollbar and window border size, desktop icons, high contrast schemes, size and color of the mouse cursor, and the cursor width and blink rate. All the above adjustments can be done individually via the control panel and by selecting display.

Mouse Actions

Mouse Actions

  1. On the Start Menu: point to All Programs; point to Accessories; point to Accessibility; select Accessibility Wizard.

  2. In the Welcome to the Accessibility Wizard dialog box: select Next..

  3. In the Text Size dialog box: select the smallest text you can read: select Next.

  4. In the Display Settings dialog box: ensure that the Change the font size check box is selected. If it is not, select its check box. If you want to use Microsoft Magnifier, select the Use Microsoft Magnifier check box. Select Next.

  5. In the Set Wizard Options dialog box: Select the I am blind or have difficulty seeing things on screen check box. Select Next to continue through the wizard.

  6. In the Completing the Accessibility Wizard dialog box: select Finish to save your changes and exit the wizard. Note to cancel your changes, select Cancel, and then select No.

Instructions on how to achieve the above using the keyboard are available at

Apple Macintosh Users

Apple Macintosh users have available to them similar accessibility options.

It is beyond the scope of this document to outline all the options available. Go to to find out more.