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Name: Fiona
Occupation: Visual Impairment
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Country: Belgian

Alexis is from Peru and moved to Belgium as a young adult. He is a computer scientist. He has a profound hearing impairment and is visually impaired. The most important Assistive technology Alexis uses is a cochlear implant, which allows him to hear.

Alexis received very little support at first and second level, despite his disabilities. It was while studying maths at university that Alexis really began to use AT. He used Magnifying software (ZOOMTEXT and Windows Lense).

Alexis had used computers before, but found it difficult. His computer use increased from weekly to daily after he began using the magnifying software. Alexis trained himself to use his AT and says that if training was to be offered, he would prefer if it were online. Although he still experiences some difficulties, even with the use of Assistive technology, he is now a professional computer user, comfortable online, who has worked in an organisation dealing with assistive technology and website development.

He is passionate about technology, he gets his information about AT from the internet and believes AT has improved his quality of life.

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